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Geophysical surveys are a critical requirement before commencing any operational works, and having access to high-quality equipment is essential for gaining a full picture of the seabed and what lies just beneath.

At STR, we’re revolutionising the way remote sensing surveys are conducted across the oil and gas, renewables, marine science and geological sectors. Thanks to a powerful combination of our own impressive fleet of geophysical survey equipment, an unrivalled level of technical expertise and access to equipment from our world-class partner manufacturers, we’re ideally equipped to respond to any requirements from our customers.

As a result, we enable high quality and cost-effective geophysical data acquisition during your project, from initial site investigations to engineering surveys and construction support.

Tailored product packages

We combine multiple products to offer a one-stop solution that is customised to your exact project requirements

Cost effective solutions

No matter your company size and capabilities, we provide high quality, cost effective geophysical survey equipment

Reliable and robust technologies

We conduct the highest level of testing and maintenance to ensure equipment integrity and reliability

Expert technical support

Our experts are available 24/7 to provide technical guidance and problem solving at every stage of your project


Your trusted partner for geophysical survey equipment

Our fleet of geophysical survey products have been carefully designed to make a complex process more straightforward. We invest in research and development to ensure that we manufacture and rigorously test innovative solutions that are more robust and reliable than similar technologies within the market. We also test our equipment as a complete system to ensure there are no potential issues or interference.

Not only that, our team has amassed years of technical knowledge and experience from around the world, and are well equipped to support you in acquiring the most valuable data from your geophysical survey project.

We take the time to fully understand your project to provide the right equipment in a bespoke end to end solution, filling any gaps and complexities you may not have considered.

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Unrivalled research and development capabilities

With a dedicated team of technical innovators and heavy investment in research and development, STR can make customised products and solutions possible to resolve the common challenges we see our clients facing.

  • Our Miniport DTS has been engineered to allow up to four magnetometers to transmit their data up a single coax winch cable to the topside equipment

  • Our electric winches deliver significant cost efficiencies by harnessing a lower power consumption source than hydraulic alternatives, along with the ability to easily service and maintain the equipment in the field

  • Our specialist cabling solutions have been developed to ensure a seamless connection between topside and subsea equipment

We also conduct rigorous testing and sea trials of various equipment pieces working together in their required environment. This provides our customers with the assurance that every product is fit for purpose

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World-class manufacturing partners

To offer our customers fully integrated solutions of geophysical survey equipment, we’ve partnered with a range of renowned manufacturers to deliver a combined approach which can overcome even the toughest of geophysical survey challenges.

Our partner manufacturers are carefully selected based on their equipment’s superior cost efficiencies, widely accepted technologies and well supported solutions to ensure maximum reliability for your geophysical survey project. These manufacturers include Sonardyne, R2Sonic, Applied Acoustic Engineering, Innomar and Edgetech - of whom we are exclusive agents in the UK.

Our geophysical survey equipment portfolio

From innovative, in-house designed STR products, to world-class technology from our partner manufacturers, discover the vast range of geophysical equipment we have available.

STR Regional Director for the Asia Pacific region Jason French

"At STR, our experienced team expertly combines rigorous testing and real-world problem solving to develop reliable, tailored geophysical survey solutions. We listen to our customers’ challenges and create integrated equipment packages that outperform and fill industry gaps. Our strong relationships with manufacturers and unrivalled in-house capabilities ensure we deliver more than just equipment, we deliver a fully integrated package that ensures reliability and excellence."

Jason French
Regional Director for Asia Pacific at STR
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Tailored packages to meet your exact requirements

We understand that sourcing geophysical survey equipment is not a one size fits all approach; there are many varying factors and complexities in every project which require careful consideration and a tailored approach in order to harness the best results.

That’s why we combine the advanced capabilities of each standalone piece of equipment within the STR and partner catalogue, to create one fully customised package which meets your unique project requirements. No matter what your current equipment capabilities are, we can fill any gaps and offer bespoke solutions, from UXO packages to full site survey packages and more.

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