Research & Development

Research & Technical Development

Taking advantage of exceptional experience in technical development and delivery, our Research & Development team delivers innovative, technical solutions when “off the shelf” answers are not enough. Our goal is to deliver cost effective, functional solutions by taking a “back to basics” approach in order to meet our client’s ever-changing operational requirements.

STR has manufactured trusted solutions for seafloor investigation and inspection to the offshore community for over 20 years. Building on our experience in delivering answers to industry problems, STR offers a full spectrum of technologies:

  • Sidescan Sonar Sub-Bottom Profiling
  • Sidescan & Sub-Bottom Profilers for towed and hosted platforms
  • Underwater Imagery Systems
  • Digital Video Recording Platforms
  • Cable and Fibre Optic Data Telemetry Systems
  • Subsea Power Systems and Remote Displays
  • Electrical Survey Winches

Calibration Facility

Calibration Laboratory

A range of calibration services are now available at STR including sound velocity, temperature, pressure and conductivity. With guidance from industry leading manufactures our new calibration laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation and is operated by qualified engineers to international standards.

Acoustic Tank

A purpose built acoustically baffled water tank enables the testing of subsea sensors prior to deployment into the field. Calibrated hydrophones and receivers, together with FFT analysis, allow fast and accurate measure of system performance

Hyperbaric Pressure Test Facility

A 400 bar pressure test chamber will simulate the enormous force subsea equipment must withstand when operating in deep water. This is crucial for testing components such as transducers, subsea electronic housings and connectors before subsea deployment.


Cable Moulding and Terminations

STR offers a full range of encapsulation and moulding services for the oil and gas, renewable and marine industries, alongside a selection of products and services for the reliable termination of subsea electrical connections. A range of stainless steel and plastic cable grips, including lace-up versions, are available to conveniently terminate tow cables for use with lightweight vehicles.

Our new in-house cable moulding department has over 22 years of experience in cable & connector moulding to provide the following capability:

  • Ability to mould onto Neoprene, Polyurethane and Polyethylene cables
  • Wide range of tooling for custom and complex cable assemblies
  • Sensor and electronics encapsulation & junction box potting
  • Multi-way break out assemblies
  • Trained personnel to undertake on-site inspection, repair and maintenance worldwide
  • Extensive stock of OEM connectors

Fibre Optic Services

  • Hi-tech fibre optic test and diagnostic equipment
  • Fibre optic fusion splicing
  • Oil filled hose assemblies
  • Single mode and multimode connectors


STR equipment supply can be complemented with highly skilled offshore survey engineers to attend vessel mobilisations and support our customers’ offshore operations. Our offshore personnel are qualified in a relevant engineering discipline and certified for offshore deployment. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Geophysical Survey
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • ROV Sensors
  • Positioning
ROV CW 63mm FMD Frame

Flooded Member Detection

STR have developed an innovative flooded member detection system for launch in 2017. SeaGamma FMD system has been designed with substantial input from industry inspection experts and is expected to be the method of choice for the inspection and monitoring of subsea components for the detection of water ingress. FMD inspection technique can also be applied to locating blockages in pipelines as a result of pigging or silt build up.

STR SeaGamma FMD standard system is designed to survey components up to 2m diameter from an inspection or work class ROV.

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