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    Leading supplier of subsea survey equipment renamed as part of global growth plans

    Sonar Equipment Services becomes Subsea Technology & Rentals (STR)

    Great Yarmouth-based Sonar Equipment Services will now trade under the name of Subsea
    Technology & Rentals Ltd (STR) to better reflect the broader range of products and
    associated services they now supply to the subsea sector following a restructure and
    significant investment in premises, people and equipment.

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  • Latest Products

    R2Sonic 2022 Multibeam Echosounder

    60% the size of full length Sonic 2024 receive array

    Ideal for integration to small AUV¸ ROV or small boat operations

    Wideband Operation

    Focused 1° x 1° beamwidths

    60kHz Signal Bandwidth over entire frequency range

    True Range Resolution of 1.25 cm¸ all frequencies

    1 to 500m range

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  • Latest Products

    Tritech Gemini NBI

    High speed updates

    4000m titanium housing

    Solid-state design reliability

    Easy to use software package

    Ethernet or VDSL communication

    130° swath

    0.5° effective angular resolution

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  • Latest Products

    Innova Matrix MK II

    Gigabit Ethernet

    OSI Layer 1

    1-4 channels

    Analogue video

    10-bit: up to 8 channels

    Serial lines: up to 12 channels RS232 and/or 12 channels RS485

    PECL (multibeam sonar): up to 2 bi directional channels

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  • Latest Products

    EdgeTech 3100 Portable Series


    High resolution imagery

    Low power requirement

    Runs on AC or DC

    Pole mount option for shallow water surveys

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  • Latest Products

    Reson SeaBat 7125 Multibeam Echosounder

    BEAM DENSITY: Up to 512 beams in selectable modes optimises operations for      any survey type

    DEPTH: Dual frequency provides seamless coverage from 0.5 to 500m depth

    HIGH SPEED: High ping rate allows highspeed operations without compromising      data density

    ROLL STABILIZATION: Real-time roll stabilization maximizing usable swath

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  • Latest Products

    Teledyne TSS 440

    Tone discrimination

    Windows-based display and control software

    DSP techniques give quality control information

    Easy to operate

    Simple to install and service

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  • Latest Products

    Teledyne RD

    Bottom track velocity

    Water track velocity

    Altitude: 4 individual measurements

    Error velocity (data quality indicator)



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Who we are

Subsea Technology & Rentals specialise in the design and manufacture of advanced subsea technology for the offshore energy industry. STR is also a global leader in the rental of marine equipment to support the offshore survey, IRM, subsea construction and renewable sectors.     

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