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Vectory Microrad

Vectory Microrad
  • Range: 360 degrees roll and pitch
  • Absolute accuracy: 0.05 deg
  • Resolution: 0.01 deg
  • Maximum update rate: 10Hz
  • Output interface: RS232/422
  • Operating temp: 0-85 deg C
  • Output formats: TSS1¸ MiniTilt¸ PVEC-URAD
  • N/A

High accuracy tilt sensor.

High Performance
State of the art MEMS technology
Very robust sensor
Individually calibrated sensors
Excellent long-term stability
Low setting time

Small and Low Power
Less than 0.3W power consumption
Less than 0.5kg
Housing size: 93mm, Ø 62mm

Vectory Microrad_Datasheet.pdf