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Tritex NDT Communicator Software

  • Displays real time measurements from the Multigauge 3000 or Multigauge 4000 gauges.
  • Easy to install and very user friendly.
  • Datalogging with grid or string templates¸ or a combination of both¸ easily setup with a wizard.
  • Bi-directional to allow settings in the gauge to be changed.
  • Accepts RS232 or RS422 input.
  • Time¸ date and a label can be added to each measurement value.
  • Common output interface (.csv).
  • N/A

For use with the Topside Repeater and ROV Gauges
Tritex Communicator software displays live measurement results from either the Multigauge 3000 Underwater Thickness Gauge or the Multigauge 4000 series ROV Thickness Gauges onto either a laptop or PC.

Templates can be preset based on a grid, string of measurements or a combination of both. This gives maximum versatility for a wide range of applications including measurements on pipelines, pilings or ship hulls.

As well as storing measurement data, Communicator software also has the option to store the time, date and an identifying label for each measurement. In addition, various settings within either gauge can be changed from the software to optimise performance.

Tritex NDT Communicator Software