Equipment Rentals

STR Subsea Lasers

Subsea Laser Group
  • STR SeaCross Green Laser Cross Generator
  • STR SeaLine Green Laser Line Generator
  • STR SeaDot Green Laser Pointer
  • STR SeaDot Red Laser Pointer
  • 3000m or 6000m Depth Rating
  • 8-30V DC Input
  • Internal Thermal Protection
  • Long Lifespan
  • N/A

The STR range of subsea laser pointers and line generators are designed to meet all underwater measurement and identification tasks. Models are either fitted with category II low power laser modules for safety or high intensity laser modules for greater transmission. All models can be supplied with a 3000m or 6000m depth rating and operate on an 8-30V DC Input with over voltage and reverse polarity protection.

STR_Subsea Lasers_Datasheet V3.pdf