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Applied Acoustics Easytrak Nexus USBL

Applied Acoustics Easytrak Nexus USBL
  • Secure Acoustic Spread Spectrum Technology
  • Ten Target Tracking
  • Wide range of beacons including tone burst and Spread Spectrum models
  • Integral pitch
  • roll and heading sensor
  • Easy to use interface
  • Towfish
  • ROV and AUV tracking
  • Diver navigation
  • Multi-Target tracking
  • Subsea Construction

Easytrak Nexus is an advanced Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) positioning and tracking system which incorporates Spread Spectrum Technology to provide a secure acoustic link.

It determines the position of dynamic subsea targets through the transmission and reception of acoustic signals between the submerged transceiver and the target beacon.
By incorporating Spread Spectrum Technology, the wide bandwidth transmissions reduce its susceptibility to interference and enable more accurate positioning. Spread Spectrum Technology is also better at rejecting unwanted reflected signals which improve operations in challenging locations such as ports and harbours.

Applied Acoustics Easytrak Nexus USBL