SMT TW-1.0 Lightweight Taut Wire

SMT TW-1.0 Lightweight Taut Wire
Taut Wire

SMT TW-1.0 Lightweight Taut Wire


Designed for use as a deck mounted DP reference System on vessels of opportunity or as a permanent installation, the SMT TW-1.0 system gives very accurate measurements of a vessel’s movement referenced against the position of a 460kg depressor weight on the seabed.

A constant tension, heave compensated electric driven winch positions the depressor weight on the seabed, using a full vector controlled variable speed drive for precise adjustments. Small vessel movements in all axis are measured by a gimbal head sensor and updated measurements are sent to the DP system via a programmable automation controller.

A compact footprint, mobilisation ready design and multi interface outputs means the TW-1.0 system is the Taut wire system of choice.

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