Seasonic Diver System

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The STR SeaSonic Diver’s Operated Acoustic Flooded Member Detection System is a bespoke development providing the optimal accuracy and reliability attainable for acoustic flooded member detection.

The system draws from experiences gained with the field proven STR SeaGamma FMD system. Unlike the STR SeaGamma system the STR SeaSonic system does not require the use of ionising radiation, this aids safety and transportation. SeaSonic employs a unique ultrasonic transducer design which reduces the requirement for member cleaning compared to some other techniques.

The Diver Operated system is provided in the form of a hand-held unit which is both lightweight and ergonomic. The STR SeaSonic Diver Operated system arrangement is supplied with a diver’s one-hundred-and-ninety-centimetre quick release extension lanyard, one-hundred-metre umbilical and twenty metre deck cable.

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