31st Oct 2023

A visual tour of our new Singapore facility

In this blog post, our Regional Director for Asia Pacific, Jason French, takes you on a visual tour of our exciting new Singapore facility, delving into its key features and what each new zone unlocks...


At STR, our mission is to provide customers with a competitive edge when it comes to their subsea projects, which is why we continuously strive to produce premium quality products and equipment to help enable superior data acquisition for our customers. A large part of this is investing in our locations around the world, ensuring we can provide an exceptional service offering across each region.

With this ongoing commitment in mind, we recently expanded our Singapore premises to a new location that offers enhanced capabilities. Not only is our new facility three times the size of our previous space, but it also embodies our drive to strengthen our subsea technology and equipment solutions, particularly within Asia Pacific.

Here, our Regional Director for Asia Pacific, Jason French, takes you on a visual tour of this exciting new facility, delving into its key features and what each new zone unlocks…

1. Reception and meeting room

“This area is the first impression for anyone visiting our Singapore premises. It’s separate from the core working area of the facility and provides a welcoming environment for visitors to enjoy our hospitality.

Our previous premises had a more industrial feel, so this professional office space gives us the ability to have more in-person time with our customers and collaborate on projects before they reach the engineering stage. We have also had customers use our facilities to hold their own meetings with their external clients, this is something we’re passionate about facilitating as our aim is to always act as a strategic partner and extension of their team wherever possible, to help their operations run smoothly.“

2. Electronics workshop

“Flooded with natural light and with enough workstations for 10 engineers, which is significantly larger than our previous site, and a hub of activity where our team works on our equipment and develops solutions.

This workshop is also where the engineers carry out some of STR’s testing processes, all of which are governed by our technical centre of excellence, where we conduct internal compliance audits throughout the year in line with our Quality Management System.”

3. Warehouse

“Our new warehouse in Singapore is a vast space, roughly three times larger than our previous facility. This huge increase in size allows us to store more of our equipment at this site, which gives us the ability to deliver equipment in this region swiftly and efficiently.

“Inside, we have installed LED lights and large power-foil fans to keep the team cool while reducing our overall energy consumption. For equipment storage, we introduced new racking, with each piece of tech correlating to the location set in our asset database. Additionally, to keep our operations as green as possible, we’ve also sourced an electric forklift and electric van as well."

4. Test tank

“This test tank is our most recent addition here and one which we’re all very excited about. ts vast size means we can assess even some of our largest equipment with ease. Since a lot of our products are used underwater, it's important that it all gets wet tested prior to being dispatched. In the test tank we can assess the water tightness and underwater functionality of our equipment, ensuring the quality is as it should be and providing our customers with peace of mind that it will work as expected once deployed.”

5. Calibration lab

“The calibration lab is another significant stride forward for our Singapore team. The new facility is sufficiently equipped to undertake pressure calibrations on subsea equipment which, like our new test tank, further ensures the quality of our equipment and services.

“Our calibration lab is currently set up for pressure sensor calibrations using a dead weight tester in accordance with our well established global process for sensor calibrations and tests. We can certify our own equipment locally in the region, which leads to increased uptime and faster delivery for our customers.

“We also welcome customers who wish to attend our equipment testing process in person prior to the equipment being delivered to their worksites. In these instances, we can provide desk space and meeting facilities during the testing. Not only that, the calibration lab also provides the ability to check customer owned equipment in the same way as we would evaluate our own, offering additional support in terms of analysis.”

“Overall, our new Singapore facility is more than just a larger building; it’s a reflection of our mission to deliver enhanced subsea technology and equipment solutions in the Asia Pacific region and beyond. With such a huge investment in our development and capabilities, we’re looking forward to the next chapter for our Singapore team.”

Learn more about our unrivalled fleet of specialist equipment, and get in touch with the Singapore team here.

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