Offshore renewables

Cutting edge subsea technology that supports a transformational energy market


Offshore renewables is a mega subsea industrial market that is significantly contributing towards the ‘trilemma’ of energy security, affordability and sustainability across the globe – with a net zero target.

At STR, we have an unrivalled fleet of geophysical equipment ideally positioned to support the assessment, development and commercialisation of offshore renewable projects.

Seatow 500

From our in-house range of Seatow electric winch packages to the largest suite of cutting edge technology and equipment, we, at STR, deliver equipment and services that enables our clients to provide critical survey data and intelligence.

As the offshore renewables market continues to evolve, we are committing further capital investment and resources to further enhance our offering. Our dedicated Innovation and Technology Centre in Great Yarmouth, England, is at the forefront of pioneering new geophysical survey equipment, deployment and towing systems for the renewables market.

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“The offshore renewables industry is an incredibly exciting one to be a part of and is the driving force towards major changes to energy affordability, accessibility and sustainability. The potential growth of new opportunities within this sector is unparalleled. In addition to our impressive suite of equipment and our research and development capabilities, we offer unique turnkey solutions for our clients’ projects and mobilisation needs, aligning with our mission to provide our clients with the optimum product and service offering in the market.”

Stuart Bannerman
Chief Financial Officer

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