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Marine science

Innovative technology that serves to positively impact the blue economy


At STR, we are determined to aid and enhance data and intelligence within the marine science sector. A key market that directly supports the blue economy, marine science is directly linked to helping deliver new discoveries that can educate and drive positive change.

From our in-house SeaSpyder drop camera product range to our extensive range of other in-house camera systems and tow systems, we offer cutting edge technology that assists our clients acquire critical marine data through non-invasive methods that don’t impact underwater habitats.

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Sustainability, our future planet and the underwater habitat are very important to STR – both in terms of decisions we make and how we operate.

With the aim of developing new products that support unlocking new intelligence in the marine science sector, we have dedicated significant resources into our research and development hub in Great Yarmouth. Our specialist subsea engineers are continuously developing innovative solutions that improve not only the efficiency and accuracy of client operations but are also designed to ensure maximum protection of marine life and species.

To help make new-found discoveries, we are proud to have invested in market leading drop camera systems that can be used in shallow and deep waters, ideal for benthic surveys. Featuring high quality digital imagery and video capabilities complete with sensors, our products are specifically made for marine survey and environmental communities.

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“Marine science research is vital in the progression of new discoveries while also ensuring the protection of underwater habitats. At STR, we have ensured our R&D facility continuously updates our product capabilities to support the blue economy.”

Steve Steele
Chief Executive Officer

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