2050: Combined Side Scan Sonar & Sub-bottom Profiler

2050: Combined Side Scan Sonar & Sub-bottom Profiler
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The EdgeTech 2050-DSS is the latest product to combine EdgeTech’s highly successful line of side scan sonars and sub-bottom profilers into one fully integrated system. This is especially useful where high resolution sub-bottom profiler data, that requires the system to be towed near the seabed, is required. The 2050-DSS is a tri-frequency side scan sonar system, where any two, operator selectable, frequencies can be operated simultaneously. The system can be provided with either a 120, 410 & 850 kHz towfish, or a 230, 540 & 850 kHz towfish. Both towfish options are equipped with a 2-16 kHz sub-bottom profiler, that utilizes a PVDF panel receive hydrophone. Use of an area based receive hydrophone panel provides improved beam patterns and therefore improved signal to noise ratio’s, which in turn means cleaner data.

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