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EdgeTech - ORE Offshore Broadband Acoustic Tracking System

ORE Offshore Broadband Acoustic Tracking System
  • Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) Acoustic Tracking System
  • Long range acoustic underwater tracking Available as a Desktop or Rack mounted version
  • Operates with Broadband ‘CHIRP’ and Continuous Wave Acoustic Technology
  • Communicates via Ethernet connection
  • Highly accurate long range tracking
  • Medium and Low Frequency versions available
  • Long Range Acoustic Underwater Tracking
  • ROV & AUV Tracking and Navigation
  • Towfish Navigation
  • Subsea Salvage Operations
  • Diver Navigation
  • Mooring Marking and Relocation
  • Subsea Positioning

The BATS System consists of a Signal Interface Module housed in a standard (3.5”) rack mount chassis (19”). It can be configured for desktop application with a PC or laptop running the ORE Trackman Windows software or coupled with a standard (3.5”) rack mount PC and standard (3.5”) rack mount Keyboard/Display.

The use of Broadband Acoustic Technology provides exceptional range and tracking performance. 

The software is user friendly and intuitive. The system interface is Ethernet TCP/IP to a PC running a compatible Windows operating system.

ORE Offshore Broadband Acoustic Tracking System (BATS)