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Valeport MIDAS WLR Water Level Recorder

Valeport MIDAS WLR Water Level Recorder
  • Long or short term deployments
  • 0.01% accuracy pressure sensor
  • Shallow water or deep water versions
  • N/A

The MIDAS WLR replaces the popular Model 730T as Valeport’s Water Level Recorder / Seabed Tide Gauge. Designed for long or short term deployments in offshore environments, or locations where a traditional shore based tide gauge is impractical, the MIDAS WLR may be moored in line or to the seabed. The standard instrument is fitted with a 0.01% accuracy pressure sensor and acetal housing for up to 500m depth rating, with a deep water titanium housed option also available.

Valeport MIDAS WLR Water Level Recorder.pdf