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Teledyne - TSS 320B-321 Heave Compensation System

TSS 320B-321 Heave Compensation System
  • Provides digital heave corrected depth data for logging
  • Heave measurement to meet IHO standards
  • Displays additional heave compensated trace on echo chart
  • Ease of interface
  • Simple to use
  • Heave compensation for Echosounders
  • Heave compensation for Surface-Towed Profilers

Traditionally the accuracy and cost-effectiveness of the survey operation have been compromised by the major error source, wave motion or swell. The TSS 320 series of heave compensation systems overcome this difficulty by precise real-time heave measurement and echosounder correction. The TSS 320 series extend operational windows for survey activities making more cost-effective use of both equipment and personnel.

The 321 Heave Sensor is the answer where real-time data is required and is specifically designed for use in conditions less prone to horizontal accelerations, but where activities cannot be restricted to calm conditions.

Compact and robust, the 321 Heave Sensor is based on a single gimbal mounted accelerometer and works in conjunction with the TSS 320B processing unit. Both the TSS 320B/321, and the TSS 320B/325 systems are the only lightweight, portable heave compensation systems that are compatible with any echosounder, profiler or data-logger.

By utilising highly accurate and reliable technology, TSS has taken the guess work out of seabed surveying addressing the problem of accurately charting the sea or river bottom in all weathers.