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Teledyne TSS 350 Cable Survey System

  • Cable location data and depth of burial data
  • Cable fault location
  • Vehicle skew angle data
  • Look-ahead information
  • Tone discrimination
  • Accurate and reliable survey data with quality control envelope
  • Combination of advanced DSP technology and proven tone-detection techniques
  • Tone frequency discrimination
  • N/A

With modern subsea cable systems becoming increasingly sophisticated and their deployment, recovery and repair a more exacting science, there is a need for accurate subsea cable location. The TSS 350 cable survey system has been developed to meet this requirement in a compact modular system that provides enhanced features whilst remaining easy to use. The TSS 350 system is designed specifically for the detection and survey of tone-carrying cables. Featuring a comprehensive software display and menu structure, real-time information is presented in a clear graphical format and provided as a digital output for storage and subsequent processing.

Teledyne TSS 350 Cable Survey System.pdf