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Taut Wire Lightweight Taut Wire DP Reference Sensor

SMT Lightweight Taut Wire DP Reference Sensor
  • Compact design (lower transport costs)
  • Fits inside a standard ISO shipping container
  • Low overall weight (Reduces transport cost)
  • Quick and easy mobilization
  • Competitively priced
  • Short lead times
  • Proven technology
  • Operational depth up to 400 meters
  • Up to 700 M of stored rope available
  • Low stored and deploying height (more options on vessel installation)
  • No air requirements
  • No separate control panel
  • Both direct and converted angles can be used
  • Multi interface output options available including:
  • Analogue/digital (4-20mA¸ +10/-10V¸ 0-10V)
  • Serial string NMEA (RS232¸ RS422 or 485)
  • Ethernet (NMEA) all are available to suit any DP system philosophy
  • Electric safety brake
  • Local and bridge control stations as standard (9” wide aspect full colour touch HMIs)
  • N/A

The TW-1.0 Light Weight Taut Wire is a DP position reference system; which is designed for use as a deck-mounted sensor on surface vessels. The purpose of the unit is to provide accurate data of a surface vessel’s movements with respect to the position of a depressor weight on the sea bed. A 4.9mm wire is maintained at a constant tension due to a 460Kg depressor weight on the sea-bed and an electrically driven winch operating in a heave compensation configuration. This is achieved using a full vector controlled variable speed drive. Vessel movements cause the tensioned wire to deviate from its initial angle; moving the gimbal head sensor which sends the updated signal to the DP system via the programmable automation controller.

STR_Taut Wire_Datasheet V2