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STR Subsea Laser pointer

SES Subsea Laser Pointer
  • Low cost
  • Low power design with class II laser output for safety
  • Accurate photographic scale measurements
  • 3000m depth rating
  • Photographic & video scaling measurements

The Subsea Laser Pointer is a compact and low cost subsea laser designed for a wide range of underwater measurement and identification tasks.

The laser module is a category II low power red laser. The laser can be powered from an 8-30VDC supply and is equipped with over voltage and reverse polarity protection. Standard units are supplied in a durable hard anodised aluminium housing and are depth-rated to 3000m. When used in pairs, imagery scaling is possible by mounting the lasers a set distance apart to identify targets at an equivalent spacing.

STR Subsea Laser Pointer_Datasheet_V1.pdf