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Teledyne - SG Brown Meridian Standard Gyrocompass

SG Brown Meridian Standard Gyrocompass
  • IMO HSC & Wheelmark certified
  • Economical one-box solution
  • Fast initial settle time
  • Small; lightweight and versatile
  • Dynamic heading accuracy of 0.6°
  • Static heading accuracy of 0.1°
  • Multiple analogue and digital outputs
  • Start up power requirement of <3A
  • Gyro element design ensures low cost of ownership
  • MTBF of 30
  • 000 hours
  • High turn rate of 200° per second
  • Small vessels
  • Large vessels

The Meridian gyrocompass is a product suitable for the ever changing needs of a modern integrated navigation bridge system. This includes highly accurate performance with low cost of ownership and system flexibility. Due to the Meridian’s small size and fast settle time of less than 45 minutes, there are no limits to the type of vessel for which it is suitable.

The heart of the Meridian gyrocompass is the element, which is a dynamically tuned gyroscope(DTG). The DTG is a high precision technology which, due to its size, accuracy, reliability and shock resistance, is used in many different applications. The guaranteed accuracy of the Meridian gyrocompass is obtained through very specialised high quality engineering. This gives an exceedingly stable heading and also means that the gyro will follow a high turn rate of up to 200° per second.

SG Brown Meridian Standard Gyrocompass