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SeaTEXT Subsea Display

STR_SeaTEXT Underwater Display
  • High visibility under water
  • Highly configurable by user
  • Adjustable brightness display
  • High efficiency
  • Low power requirement
  • Very low standby power
  • Light activated turn-on
  • Compact size
  • 3000m rated as standard
  • N/A

A high visibility underwater display enclosed in a compact 3000m rated subsea housing. Full advantage is taken of the latest high efficiency white LED dot matrix technology to realise a very power efficient high visibility design, ideal for battery powered applications.

The display is user configurable to allow for a comprehensive range of input signal formats and display modes. These include RS232 & RS485.

Additional features include display brightness adjustment and the ability to light activate the display.

The display can be used for a wide range of applications, for example to display heading, pitch and roll output from a subsea gyro powered from a battery pack.

STR_SeaTEXT Underwater Display_Datasheet V2.pdf