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Seatex MRU-H Heave Compensator

Seatex MRU-H Heave Compensator
  • High accuracy heave measurements even in dynamic environments
  • Each MRU delivered with Calibration Certificate
  • Negligible drift in heave after vessel turns
  • Small size; light weight and low power consumption
  • Outputs static and dynamic roll and pitch angles
  • High output data rate (100 Hz)
  • No limitation to mounting orientation
  • Heave compensation for Echosounders
  • Motion compensation for Surface-Towed Profilers

An ideal sensor for heave compensation of echo sounders and sonar’s that provides output of heave, roll and pitch measurements. By combining angular rate sensors with linear accelerometers, the MRU-H achieves high accuracy heave measurements in small vessels even during extreme sea conditions. With a variety of digital and analog output signals available, interfacing the unit to various systems is easy. No expensive additional equipment is needed to operate the system.

Seatex MRU-H Heave Compensator