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Seatex MRU-5 Motion Sensor

Seatex MRU-5 Motion Sensor
  • High accuracy roll; pitch and heave measurements during turns and accelerations
  • Each MRU delivered with Calibration Certificate
  • Small size; light weight; low power consumption
  • Improved dynamic accuracy in heave; roll and pitch
  • Negligible drift in heave after vessel turns
  • High output data rate (100 Hz)
  • No limitation in mounting orientation
  • Lever arm compensation when mounted off the vessel CG (centre of gravity)
  • Selectable communication protocols in the MRC software for any system using motion sensors
  • Motion compensation of single and multi-beam echo sounders
  • Orientation and attitude measurements on AUVs and ROVs
  • High speed craft motion control and damping systems
  • Heave compensation of offshore cranes
  • Hydro acoustic positioning
  • Ship motion monitoring
  • Ocean wave measurements
  • Antenna motion compensation and stabilization

The third generation MRU 5 is specially designed for high precision motion measurements in marine applications and for users requiring high accuracy roll, pitch and heave measurements. The MRU 5 provides high performance motion data for various marine applications ranging from small underwater vehicles to large ship motion control. Very high reliability is achieved by using solid state sensors with no moving parts and the proven MRU electrical and mechanical construction.

Seatex MRU-5