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EdgeTech - ORE Offshore Multibeacons

ORE Offshore Multibeacons
  • Compatible with Trackpoint II; Trackpoint 3; Trackpoint 3P; BATS and BATS Portable
  • Available in Omni directional and Directional versions
  • High Power versions available
  • Remote Head option
  • Optional Depth; Tilt; Heading Telemetry
  • Long Range Acoustic Underwater Tracking
  • ROV & AUV Tracking and Navigation
  • Towfish Navigation
  • Diver Navigation
  • Subsea Salvage Operations
  • Mooring Marking and Relocation
  • Subsea Positioning

The ORE Multibeacons work with the LXT, Trackpoint II, Trackpoint 3, Trackpoint 3P, BATS, and BATS Portable USBL systems.

The Multibeacons are depth rated to 1000m and 3000m dependent on model.

Options for the multibeacons include omnidirectional and directional heads, remote heads, depth telemetry, and high power for deep water tracking.

4370A Multibeacon