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ORE Offshore Motion Reference Unit

ORE Offshore Motion Reference Unit
  • Motion Reference Unit (MRU) is used to measure Pitch; Roll; Heave; and Heading
  • Comes in Horizontal or vertical mounting configuration
  • Solid State Construction
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Compass Option
  • Heave Option
  • Accurate Static and Dynamic Range
  • Temperature Compensated Calibration
  • Standard unit is rated to 2500 meters depth
  • Output format is RS232 or RS422
  • USBL Tracking Systems
  • AUVs; ROVs; Towfish
  • Dynamic Positioning Vessels
  • Oil Rigs

The Motion Reference Unit (MRU) is a solid state (MEMS Type) motion reference device capable of measuring Pitch, Roll, Heave, and Heading to a high degree of accuracy.

The MRU can be mounted in either a horizontal or vertical position. The output string from the MRU is a serial format, either RS232 or RS422 and follows the standard NMEA format.

With static attitude RMS accuracy of 0.1 degrees and a dynamic accuracy of 0.25 degrees, the MRU is ready for your most demanding applications. The MRU features static references that are traceable to international standards.

ORE Offshore Motion Reference Unit