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Optimal Ranging ORION Pipe and Cable Tracker

Pipe and Cable tracker
  • ROV¸ Towed or vessel mounted deployment
  • 2¸ 4 or 6 sensor configuration
  • Active and passive cable detection
  • 2000m depth rated
  • Compatible with EIVA¸ QINSy and HYPACK hydrographic software
  • N/A

The Orion underwater utility survey system brings the power of model-based processing to cable and pipeline Depth of Burial (DOB) surveys. The method is based on the optimization of data from multiple sensors against a physical model of the magnetic field expected from a utility line carrying an AC tone (actively applied or passively present). System accuracy is estimated and presented in real-time. Magnetic field distortion due to co-linear underwater conductors can occur when multiple pipelines share a right of way, or multiple wind farm power cables are closely spaced at landfall. The Orion system self-identifies these errors and presents them as confidence intervals on the measured Depth of Burial. In the 4 or 6 sensor configuration, Orion can decouple this distortion from the target pipeline or cable, resulting in a more accurate Depth of Burial estimate, with an improved confidence interval.

Optimal Ranging ORION Datasheet.pdf