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STR Multilink ROV Sidescan & Sub-Bottom System

Multilink ROV Sidescan & Sub-Bottom
  • Modular sidescan & sub-bottom profiler system
  • Digital system with a choice of operating frequencies
  • Superior sub-bottom performance
  • Operation in 2500m water depth
  • Multilink system for multiple data capture
  • MonitorPlus data acquisition and replay software 

  • Pipeline Inspection
  • Route Survey
  • Debris Survey
  • Wreck Search
  • Geophysical Survey

The highly successful Multilink family of sidescan sonar and sub-bottom profiler systems are modular designed and provide simple installation on hosted platforms for survey and inspection applications.

High definition seafloor images are provided by a 100/340kHz dual simultaneous frequency sidescan sonar supplied with separate transducers and electronics for simple installation. User adjustable pulse lengths offer high across track resolution and extended operating range.

The all new sub-bottom profiling array offers advanced features to benefit ROV and AUV applications. A high power output is delivered by a solid state drive, designed to eliminate transducer ringing for greater penetration and crisp sediment imagery. The output frequency is adjustable from 1kHz to 18kHz to accommodate a choice of low and high frequency sub-bottom transducers for applications requiring greater penetration or superior resolution.

A fully featured front end receiver with a wide range of adjustable filters effectively remove out of band noise for the very best performance in challenging operating environments.

Simple integration with the vehicle multiplexer is achieved by flexible power requirements and Ethernet data output, with optional DSL interface for operation on a coaxial cable. The Multilink system also provides a two way digital link for additional sensors for multiple sensor data collection. The powerful Multilink Sonar Processor workstation is supplied with MonitorPlus data acquisition and replay software for dual display of sidescan and sub-bottom data and offers an extensive range of online QC features.

STR Multilink ROV_Datasheet_V1.pdf