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STR LTX1 Advanced DP Reference Laser

Sonar Equipment LTX1
  • High accuracy short range and long range performance
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Rugged design
  • Choice of targets to suit application
  • Platform supply vessel (PSV) operations
  • Dive support vessel (DSV) operations
  • Well stimulation vessel (WSV) operations

The LTX1 is an advanced positioning sensor designed to give high accuracy range and bearing measurements to the vessels dynamic positioning (DP) computer during critical short range DP operations.

The LTX1 has an operating range out to 1000m line of sight during offshore support vessel (OSV) operations. Typical applications for the LTX1 include platform supply vessel (PSV), dive support vessel (DSV) and well stimulation vessel (WSV) operations. The LTX1 outputs industry standard data telegrams which interface to all leading DP computers. The LTX1 is designed for quick and easy installation and is designed as a permanent vessel fit or as a project specific temporary installation.

STR is the global sales partner for NES limited, providing an extensive track record in the supply of marine electronics to the offshore energy sector. Navigation Engineering Services Limited has over 30 years experience of manufacturing, installation and service of specialist positioning and reference systems.

STR LTX1_Datasheet_V1.pdf