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Kongsberg MRU 6 Motion Sensor

  • High accuracy roll¸ pitch and heave measurements even in extreme dynamic environmentsm
  • Each MRU delivered with Calibration Certificate
  • Precision three-axes fluxgate compass built in¸ including magnetic neutralization software
  • Very low offset in roll¸ pitch and heave during turns with external speed data input
  • Small size¸ light weight¸ low power consumption
  • High output data rate (100 Hz)
  • No limitation in mounting orientation
  • Lever arm compensation when mounted off the vessel’s CG (center of gravity)
  • Communication protocols for various marine electronic and survey equipment
  • Orientation and attitude measurements on towfish systems¸ AUVs¸ ROVs and oceanographic buoys requiring high accuracy roll and pitch measurements.

The third generation MRU 6 is specially designed to supply precision marine motion measurements to any application requiring the highest accuracy in roll, pitch and heave measurements. In addition, the MRU 6 contains a three-axes servo vector fluxgate compass that provides magnetic heading data. The MRU 6 delivers high performance motion data for many different marine applications ranging from small underwater vehicle guidance to large vessel stabilization. The MRU 6 achieves high reliability by using solid-state sensors with no moving parts and the proven MRU electrical and mechanical construction.

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