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Kongsberg cNODE MiniS 34_40V Directional Positioning Transponder 4000m

Kongsberg cNODE MiniS 34_40V Directional Positioning Transponder 4000m
  • Cymbal channels (500+)
  • HiPAP/HPR 400 channels
  • Responder and transponder functionalities
  • Telemetry capabilities
  • SSBL positioning
  • LBL positioning
  • Range measurements between transponders
  • 4000 metre depth rated
  • 34-180 has 180º omnidirectional beam
  • 34-40V has 40º degree cone beam
  • Coated Anodised aluminium housing
  • Internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • On deck battery charger available
  • Takes charge from ROVs 24V
  • External Power; 24VDC (20 - 28V)¸ 1A
  • External connector for configuration and software update Transmitting power; Max¸ High¸ Low¸ Min (6 dB steps)
  • External on/off function
  • Internal tilt sensor ± 90°
  • Pressure relief valve (safety device)
  • Frequency band 21-31kHz
  • Operating temperature -5ºC to +55ºC
  • N/A

Kongsberg Maritimes cNODE MiniS Transponder, the most advanced HiPAP mini SSBL and LBL transponder developed to date. The cNODE MiniS, with an impressive range of features, 500+ Cymbal digital acoustic channels and backwards compatibility, supersedes the Mini MST.

The cNODE MiniS transponders are the smallest members of the cNODE series. These are used with HiPAP, cPAP and μPAP systems in underwater positioning and are ideal for positioning of ROVs. The MiniS also operate with data telemetry.

Kongsberg cNODE MiniS 34_40V Directional Positioning Transponder 4000m_Datasheet V1.pdf