Equipment Rentals

Innova Matrix MK II+ Fibre Optic Telemetry System

  • 7 inch Linux based touch screen interface for control and diagnostics
  • Status for all channels on screen
  • Voltage and current monitoring and logging
  • 1200 W available DC power
  • Software resettable fuses on DC power output
  • 6 x RS232
  • 2 x software switchable RS232/RS485
  • 2 x 1000/100/10 Mbps Ethernet
  • 2 x single direction PECL
  • 3 x HD-SDI or SD
  • 2 x 5V TTL trigger
  • All serial and trigger interfaces are isolated
  • Depth rating: 3000M
  • N/A

The Matrix is a stand-alone fibre optic multiplexer and control solution, providing a simple, plug and play interface for a large array of sensors and equipment to any remotely operated system. The system consists of a compact, one-atmospheric subsea unit rated for 3000 MSW, and a 19”rack mounted topside unit with touch screen and status for all channels on the screen.

The Matrix’s internal control system provides individual 2-pole switching of all power outputs as well as DC power insulation monitoring. The DC power outputs are equipped with software resettable fuses to save operation time. All DC power outputs are equipped with voltage and current monitoring, which is also displayed and logged in the topside controller.