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Guidance Marine –RadaScan View Sensor

  • Provides the kind of positional accuracy usually associated with laser or DGPS
  • Operates through rain¸ snow¸ fog¸ steam and dust in temperatures ranging from -25°C to +55°C
  • Uses coded responders making the system immune to false reflections
  • Unaffected by the GPS/DGPS signal shadow when working close to platforms
  • Multi-vessel Capability - each responder can be used simultaneously by any number of vessels
  • All targets are CSA and ATEX certified as intrinsically safe for use in hazardous offshore environments
  • Fully compatible with all modern DP systems
  • Easy upgrade options in the field via USB key or optional remote access
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The RadaScan View sensor combines all the features of the RadaScan system with a traditional radar image on a single user interface.
The sensor accurately measures the range and bearing of one or more intelligent microwave targets called responders, allowing for the calculation of vessel position and heading. Based on radar technology it overcomes many of the limitations associated with DGPS, traditional laser, acoustic and taut-wire systems.

Guidance Marine_RadaScan View Sensor.pdf