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Edgetech Acoustic Release Transponder Model 8242XS

Edgetech Acoustic Release Transponder_Model 8242XS
  • Release load of 5¸500 kg
  • Also available in a Heavy Releases Load (HLR) configuration – release loads up to 48¸000 kg
  • Depth Rating: 6000 meters
  • Longest history of reliability in the industry
  • Nickel Aluminum Bronze alloy construction
  • Titanium closure hardware
  • Transponder for positioning and recovery
  • Several battery configuration options for long life
  • Secure command coding
  • Options: I/O communication
  • Pressure activation
  • External On/Off
  • Extended battery life
  • N/A

The 8242XS Acoustic Release Transponder is a field-proven, reliable, and versatile mooring instrument.

The 8242XS is made entirely of Nickel Aluminum Bronze alloy with titanium closure hardware for very long deployments with no corrosion. Acoustic status reply includes tilt and release state. Command structure proven in the toughest acoustic environments anywhere.

Edgetech Acoustic Release Transponder_Datasheet.pdf