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BlueView P450 Series Sonar

BlueView P450 Series Sonar
  • Real-time video like sonar imagery
  • Multiple field-of-view options
  • Standard Ethernet interface
  • Plug & Go operation
  • Extended detection range
  • Expanded area coverage
  • Improved target/object identification
  • Quick¸ easy integration
  • N/A

BlueView answers the call for a longer range imaging sonar with a wide field-of-view – the all new P450 Series now with S2 electronics is available in five new models including two deepwater options. Each model has a maximum detection range of 300 meters (984 ft.), while delivering crisp, real-time imagery at medium to long ranges. These forward-looking systems are engineered to allow operators to detect, track, monitor, and navigate across extended distances, dramatically improving situational awareness and reducing reaction time. The P450 Series is available in three different field-of-view options including the ultra-wide 130° for the largest detection area available from a compact, portable system.

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