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Applied Acoustic Engineering_Nexus 2 USBL System

Applied Acoustic Engineering_Nexus 2 USBL System
  • Bi-directional Sigma 2 Spread Spectrum acoustics
  • Improved positioning accuracy and stability
  • Optimised beacon refresh rate
  • 16 target tracking
  • Geographical navigation overlays
  • EasyCal 2 embedded calibration tool with AutoCal Wizard
  • Data telemetry options
  • N/A

Easytrak Nexus 2 is the next generation of advanced USBL positioning and tracking system that incorporates Sigma 2 Spread Spectrum technology to provide a secure acoustic link. By incorporating AAE Sigma 2 technology the wide bandwidth transmissions reduce its susceptibility to interference and enables precise, reliable positioning over an extended operational range.

Easytrak Nexus 2 determines the position of dynamic subsea targets through the transmission and reception of acoustic signals between the submerged transceiver and the target beacon. Positions can be geographically referenced with chart overlays and internally logged for a complete solution.

Applied Acoustic Engineering_Nexus 2 USBL System_V1.pdf