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Alphatron Marine Alphaminicourse Gyrocompass

Alphatron Marine Alphaminicourse Gyrocompass
  • Maintenance free
  • Small size and versatility
  • Short initial settling time
  • High reliability
  • High static and dynamic accuracy (latitude and speed compensation
  • automatic compensation of temperature drifts)
  • Easy installation and adjustment
  • built-in testing
  • No compass fluid
  • extra cooling and heating are required
  • no periodic determination
  • simplified methods of horizontal drift determination and compensation
  • Ecological safety
  • heading against the geographical meridian at the vessel speed up to 90 knots
  • latitude up to 80 degrees
  • roll and pitch angles up to 50 degrees;
  • Shock exceeding 5G
  • 12 serial data channels
  • Additional channels (up to 36)
  • Gb Ethernet
  • Up to 4 digital video channels Multibeam sonar interface
  • 8 video lines with focus/zoom control
  • 8 light dimmers
  • Power supply and control for all attached sensors and cameras
  • Single or multiple fibre options
  • 3000m depth rating
  • Burton metal shell connectors

ALPHAMINICOURSE is the Maintenance free gyro compass of the Alphaline series from Alphatron Marine.

The ALPHAMINICOURSE Gyro compass from Alphatron Marine is designed to meet the most needs of the modern marine market. Highly accurate performance, small size, short settling time make it suitable for any type of vessel, including high speed vessels.

Anticipating on growing markets such as the DP market and the upcoming rules the Alphaminicourse gyro system can also be supplied with a DNV approved dual redundant Gyro Interswitch.

The Alphaminicourse is Wheelmark approved.

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